Welcome to Day 2 of Treasured at VBS 2021!

1. Day 2 Recap

Bible Point: God HEARS you.

Bible Verse: I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. (Psalm 116:1)

Bible Story: David escapes Saul and writes psalms to God. (1 Samuel 23:1-14, Psalm 86)

Bible Buddy: Ruby the Scarlet Macaw


1. Day 2 Recap

Today at the in-person portion of VBS we sang some new great songs, shared our God Sightings and added gems to the decorations up front, watched Dr. Diggingstone’s crazy treasure tracker in action, hid in a cave during Bible Adventures, experimented with sound during Imagination sound, and took a “High-Hertz Ear Exam” where we were reminded how God hears everything we say!

2. Bible Adventures

In today’s story, we hid in a cave and discovered that God heard David as David and his army hid from the angry King Saul!

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3. Imagination Station

Experiment with sound, then use a surprising Sing-a-mabob to remember that God hears us…no matter what sounds we make!

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4. Vine Dining

Create a delicious Treasure Mix! God listens to us when we talk with him. The plain flavor of cereal we start with reminds us that god hears and cares about our prayers…even when they’re just about simple, everyday things like wanting to make new friends or do well at a sporting event. Next we add salty snacks, which remind us of salty tears we may cry when we’re scared, sad, or alone. Our prayers can seem bigger or more important when we’re facing something sad and scary! The sweet candy we add reminds us that we can pray and talk with God when life is sweet – when things are good and our hearts want to celebrate. No matter how we pray, God hears YOU, and you are treasured!

Ingredients Needed: snack plate, plain cereal (puffed rice, plain Chex), sweet snack (dried fruit, M&M, Skittles), popcorn

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5. KidVid Cinema

John can’t hear with his ears, but he can hear – and speak – with his hands! John is learning that God hears HIM.

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7. Dance and Sing Along!

We love singing and dancing to our favorite VBS songs, and know you do, too! Here are YouTube videos of some of the VBS songs from this year:

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