Our Syrian Family


Our Syrian Refugee Family Is Coming to Visit!

Next Sunday, May 7, at the 10:30am Mass, the Almustafa family, the Syrian Refugee Family that our Parish is helping to sponsor, will be present!

Imam Taha Hassane, the Imam and Director of the Islamic Center of San Diego, will be present as well, and will share a few words with us on behalf of the family.

The Almustafa family wants to express their gratitude for all of the material and financial support extended to them by our Parish.

But, most importantly, they wish to thank us for the spiritual support we have extended to them at the time of the loss of their son, Mohammad, who drowned and is still lost at sea.

If you are able, please be present as we accept their gratitude and continue to share their grief.

For more information visit www.stmoside.org/OurSyrianFamily or contact: Lisa Attardo at lisaattardo@yahoo.com or 760-884-7863; Patrick Attardo at 760-844-7862 or Sr. Maureen at 760-758-4100 x131 or maureenb@stmoside.org.

Thank you for your wonderful response to our Syrian family that we are sponsoring through Catholic Charities! Click HERE for more background.

Because of your generosity, we have been able to fulfill their immediate needs for furniture and appliances! We received so many donations that we were able to provide furniture and appliances for four other refugee families under the care of Catholic Charities.

If you would still like to donate furniture and appliance items for other refugee families, please submit forms to the offertory collection, the Parish Office, or via email or mail. We are pleased that Brother Benno’s wants to partner with us in helping deliver these items to the refugee families.

Remember that our suggested list includes many other ways you can be of help to this family besides monetary donations.

Please do not drop any items off at the Parish Office. As the forms are submitted, you will be contacted about the next drop-off date to STM.  

This family still has many ongoing practical needs and expenses. Please check the options below for details. We will update you periodically on how your monetary donations have been used. (Most refugee families become self-sufficient after about eight months.)

Thanks again!

Our Syrian Family's Journey

Part 1

Part 2

Update April 16, 2017

Update April 23, 2017

For more information, contact :Lisa Attardo or Sr. Maureen Brown, CSJ.

Suggestions for Specific Activities and Monetary Donations for Our Syrian Family

Suggestions for Basic Item Donations for Refugee Families (from Catholic Charities)

Suggestions for Extended Item Donations for Refugee Famlies (from Catholic Charities)





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