The Tower Newsletters

Publication Date
Volume XV, No. 1 Summer 2017
Volume XIV, No. 2 Fall 2016
Volume XIV, No.1 Spring 2016
Volume XIII, No.1 Spring 2015
Volume XII, No. 2 Fall 2014
Volume XII, No. 1 Spring 2014
Volume XI, No. 1 Summer 2013
Volume X, No. 2 Fall 2012
Volume X, No. 1 Spring 2012
Volume IX, No. 2 July 2011
Volume IX, No. 1 January 2011
Volume VIII, No. 2 July 2010
Volume VIII, No. 1 January 2010
Volume VII, No. 2 July 2009
Volume VII, No. 1 January 2009
Volume VI, No. 2 July 2008
Volume VI, No. 1 January 2008
Volume V, No. 1 July 2007
Volume IV, No. 2 December 2006
Volume IV, No. 1 June 2006
Volume III, No. 2 December 2005
Volume III, No. 1 June 2005
Volume II, No. 2 December 2004
Volume II, No. 1

May 2004

Volume I

December 2003

The STM newsletter, The Tower, is published semi-annually by the Church of St. Thomas More. It is befitting that the publication honors St. Thomas More, who was imprisoned in The Tower of London before his martyrdom in 1535 AD.

The goal of this newsletter is to share information on our overall and ongoing development at St. Thomas More, with parishioners, supporters and the community at large. These publications cover human interest stories from the many various ministries in our Parish, as well as our social outreach to our community and beyond!

The Tower is also an ongoing source of information on the build out of our Parish Campus. Our May 2004 issue covered the history, present and future plans relating to our church properties. Watch for continued updates as we begin “Our Journey Into The Future . . . Together” Capital Campaign in November 2004!

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