St. Thomas More CPR/AED Program

The person who is proficient at cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a valuable asset to his or her family, congregation and community. The Church of St. Thomas More is blessed to have a team of more than 400 parishioners who have this skill, and are also trained in the use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED), an instrument that has been responsible for a ten-fold increase in the rate of survival in heart attacks that occur outside the hospital setting.  

We invite you to learn about our program and what you can do to help safeguard your family.

Our instructors are volunteer parishioners who have been certified by the American Red Cross. They do not charge for their services. 

There are three components to the CPR training program:       

1. Adult CPR and AED

In this 3 ½ hour training session you will learn how to recognize an emergency, activate community emergency services, perform CPR and use the AED. There are no prerequisites. Certification is provided through the American Red Cross. The cost (materials and processing only) is $37 per person.

2. Infant and Child CPR

Designed for parents, grandparents and babysitters, this 3 ½ hour course teaches how to recognize the emergencies that are most likely to occur in infants and children, how to activate community emergency services, and how to perform CPR. There are no prerequisites. Certification is provided through the American Red Cross. The cost (materials and processing only) is $37 per person.  

3. CPR Tune-UPs

Without regular practice and review it is a challenge to maintain proficiency in any skill. This is especially true of CPR, when the stresses of an emergency make it difficult to react appropriately. We provide semi-annual (every 6 months) tune-ups so that our graduates can polish their skills, learn the latest innovations in CPR and develop the ability to react automatically to a cardiac emergency. Tune-up sessions are “walk-in” at the times noted in the schedule. They require no more than 15 minutes, and consist of a single scenario with appropriate coaching and feedback from the instructor. There is no charge for the monthly tune-ups.

We limit most classes to 8 participants. Each will receive a manual that serves as a reference for home study and review.  

Schedule of training sessions:      

There is no fixed schedule for classes. The upcoming schedule may be obtained by contacting the Medical Director (see below). Classes are also posted in the Heartnotes section of the weekly bulletin and in the Heartletter, a newsletter that is e-mailed to all those interested in CPR.  

The cost of these classes is $37 per student. For additional members of a household the cost is $27. This fee covers American Red Cross certification (2 years), the manual, and the materials used during class.  

Contact, Dr. Phil Goscienski, the Medical Director, for more information, questions, or class schedules: 
Email or 760-732-1414  



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