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Master Plan Update

Our new Capital Campaign,“Our Journey Into The Future . . .Together,” commenced November 1, 2004. The good news is that it is time to build our beautiful new Church, along with other related facilities (listed below) that will be of great benefit to all who call St. Thomas More their home! Our campaign committee is fully engaged in the pledge process throughout this month, and payments for this campaign will begin in January, 2005.  

Our two previous Capital Campaigns, “Standing on Holy Ground I” and “Standing on Holy Ground II,” were very successful, bringing in nearly $5.2 million to date, over a six year period. We are indeed grateful to our dedicated parishioners for their outstanding generosity toward the ongoing build out of our Parish Campus! Nearly 86% of registered households contributed to these two campaigns.

While several significant initial gifts to our new Capital Campaign have already been made, and the pledge process has officially begun, we remain in a brief transition period from our previous campaign. Final payments from the “Standing on Holy Ground II” campaign officially conclude in December, 2004. Our debt currently is $841,000, with $119,000 in pledges remaining to be paid. Overpayments continue to come in excess of amounts pledged. The remaining debt on this campaign is projected to be approximately $750,000, which will roll over into our next campaign on January 1, 2005.  

Much preparation took place in the past year to bring our Parish to the beginning of this campaign. Joint council meetings (Pastoral, Finance and Development) were held with Fr. Mike, the chairpersons, sub-committee chairs, and members attending. The purpose of these meetings was to come to a consensus as to what our future build out should entail. The main leadership then met with Fr. Mike, as well as Bishop Brom and representatives from the Diocese of San Diego, to finalize the decisions that resulted from these meetings regarding our Master Plan Update.

Four informational Town Hall Meetings were then held to share this information with all of our parish and to gather input pertaining to our future campus build out. There was also new information on Tithing and Sacrificial Giving options presented at these meetings. The overall response from these meetings was very positive and generated much enthusiasm for our upcoming Parish build out as we continue to prepare for “Our Journey Into The Future . . . Together.” 

The following outlines our latest plan of record for parish expansion and development:

  • Church/Sanctuary

    Blessed Sacrament/Daily Chapel

    Reflection Garden/Stations of the Cross/Memorial area

    Bell Tower

$8.5 Million

  • Parish Administration Building/Youth Center

    Choir - Meeting Room

$1.5 Million

  • Five Acre Adjacent Land Acquisition


  • Debt Retirement


  • Secondary Education Initiative/New Catholic High Schools:

    Pax Christi in Oceanside, Cathedral High in Carmel Valley & Mater Dei in Otay Mesa (contributions may be directed to Pax Christi upon request)

$1 Million


$12.4 Million


The good news is that we already have $2.1 million in cash, pledges and committed donations that have been secured to go toward “Our Journey Into The Future. . .Together” Capital Campaign. We are off to a great start!  

The following information is helpful in understanding the $2.1 million already directed toward this effort:

Approximately $1 million was secured, to be held for the new Church/Sanctuary, during our previous two Capital Campaigns, “Standing on Holy Ground I & Standing on Holy Ground II.” Several of the items pledged during those campaigns, toward our future build out, include:

  • Bell Tower
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Altar
  • Grotto
  • Courtyard Fountains (2)
  • Private donations from Annuities, Stocks and Estates

Several parishioners (and our Scrip Committee and Women’s Guild!) have already made pledges for our new Capital Campaign, since summer of 2004, and we are excited to report that we have received another $1.1 million in cash, pledges and committed donations toward “Our Journey Into The Future . . . Together.” Some of these items, in addition to the cash donations, include:

  • Tabernacle
  • Baptismal Font
  • Concert Grand Piano
  • Ambry
  • Stained Glass Windows (2 out of 4) — Scenes depicting the life of St. Thomas More
  • Permanent Fire Pit in Courtyard (For the blessing of the New Fire at the Easter Vigil)
  • Marian Image
  • Paschal Candle stand
  • Ambo
  • Sanctuary Lamp
  • Private donations from Annuities, Stocks and Estates

It is important to note our growth pattern continues to be very positive. In 1998, our “Standing on Holy Ground I” Capital Campaign began with slightly over 630 registered households, and we have now grown to 1,100 registered households. This is a 72% increase in Parish households in six years! With the recent opening of College Boulevard, and the upcoming opening of Melrose Drive in 2005, our projected growth is excellent.

“Our Journey Into The Future . . . Together” Capital Campaign information was mailed out to all registered households for Stewardship Awareness/Renewal month in November. Details of the campaign will also be verbally addressed throughout the month to the parish. Pledge options are being offered in three- and five- year gift plans, and payments for the new campaign begin in January, 2005.

The Church of St. Thomas More has come a long way since it was founded in 1985! The generosity and enthusiasm in this Parish is evident in all the many endeavors that are undertaken here. The Building Fund Progress Graph, that is linked to this site, indicates “where we have been” and “where we are going” and shows that a substantial amount has already been raised to date.

While we have come a long way, we realize we still have a long way to go. Parishioners continued, faith-filled support to the Building Fund is earnestly needed, and very much appreciated! For more details about the Campaign, click on the Stewardship and Development Department/Capital Campaign link above.

A complete view of our Stewardship approach to continuing God’s work here at St. Thomas More, can be found by visiting the Stewardship and Development Department on our website, or by contacting Chris Smith, Director of Stewardship and Development at (760) 758-4100, ext. 120 or chriss@stmoside.org.




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