“Did You Know?” Program

In August 2006 a special campaign was begun to address an anticipated shortfall in our operations income. It is a low-key campaign consisting of an expense highlighted in the bulletin along with a monthly envelope attached to the bulletin. Since its inception we have raised over $425,000. This has allowed us to balance our budget in these years.

Here are some examples of the highlighted expenses:

  • In the fiscal year ending 2013, landscaping maintenance costs (both gardening services and irrigation) exceeded $37,700.
  • In the fiscal year ending 2013, routine repair and maintenance for such things as janitorial services, pest control, waste removal, and elevator and HVAC maintenance exceeded $62,700.
  • We have budgeted $40,200 for the SDG&E bill for fiscal year 2013-2014. It will take several offertory collections to pay for just this one utility bill.
  • In the fiscal year ending 2010, we incurred a $28,000 deficit in our Operations Budget. We carried this deficit through the fiscal years ending in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Because of your gifts to the “Did You Know?” campaign in 2013, we were finally able to retire this deficit.