Development Council

Council members assist the Pastor in creating a “culture of development” within the parish, serving as a catalyst for growth and providing the means for us to meet our long-term goals and objectives.

Meeting Minutes

Committee Chair: Jody Cadieux
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Staff Director: Ron Briseno
760-758-4100 x104

Secretary: Grace Plummer
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Committees / Ministries

  • New Construction

    Members assist and advise the pastor on major building projects within the Parish.

  • Welcome Ministry

    Introduces prospective Parishioners to the life and activities of our Faith Community.

  • Vehicle Donations

    Handles details of vehicles that are donated to the Parish.

  • Stewardship

    Organizes and directs volunteer efforts in our Parish programs and services.

  • Scrip Sales

    Gift certificates (Scrip) are purchased at discount from merchants and sold at face value, with the difference being donated to our Mortgage/Building Completion Fund.

  • Publicity/Public Relations

    Produces press releases, publicity, and Parish newsletter.

  • Towers of Faith/Planned Giving

    Facilitates the donations of estates and other gifts designated in wills, living trusts, etc.

  • Development Council Secretary

    Serves on the Development Council, compiles meeting agenda items in conjunction with chairpersons, records meeting minutes, and distributes to the Council.

  • Development Chair

    Serves on the Development Council and provides updates, raises concerns, and shares upcoming activities of the ministries within the Development Ministry.

  • Construction

    Assists and advises on Parish building projects.