Religious Education for Adolescents and Children (RE.A.CH) Offers age-appropriate religious education for each level of faith development for youth ages 4-17.

Director: Christy Breier
Phone: 760-758-4100 x110 

Youth Advocate: Isaac Deken
Phone: 760-758-4100 x161

Enrollment for the REACH 2021-2022 Year is now open.

Registration deadline will be August 31.

Information about REACH 2021-22 (English)          Information about REACH 2021-22 (Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt)

Faith Formation Schedule for 2021-2022

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Faith Formation Classes: Faith Formation is offered for ages 4 to 17. Faith Formation Classes are offered to assist parents in teaching our Catholic faith. While Faith Formation Classes are not mandatory like the Sacrament Preparation Classes are, they is HIGHLY encouraged. Elementary age children will meet an average of twice a month. 

Genesis:  Genesis is for ages 4 and 5 (Pre-K and K).                                                                  
Little Saints: Little Saints is now the name for our elementary children in grades 1-5. The “Faith Formation Level” is equivalent to the child’s “Grade in School.”                           
EDGE: EDGE is for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. They meet each Wednesday. This program is designed to bring middle schoolers together as one group, to meet them where they are and tap into their educational, spiritual, emotional, and social needs.  Please note, that the EDGE Retreats and family events will take place throughout the year.                        
Confirmation:  Preparation TRADITIONALLY begins in 9th Grade, but can also be started their Sophomore and Junior year of High School. Please note that Sacrament Preparation for Confirmation is a two-year process. Therefore, starting the program as a Senior is not an option. Mandatory Parent Meetings, Family Events, Masses, Retreats, and similar events will take place throughout the year.
Post-Confirmation for High School: Be part of the Core Team! Sharing your faith. Living your faith. This is for teens who have made their Confirmation already.

Our sessions offer age-appropriate religious education for each level of faith development. Please note that all Faith Formation sessions that meet in person will strictly follow all State, County, and Diocesan regulations and guidelines. The health, safety, and well-being of our STM families is first priority.

If your child is attended REACH classes in 2020-21, they received their Registration Packet at our last pick-up, Family Mass, or in the mail.

Registration Packets can also be completed online. Download the registration packet from the DOWNLOAD link below, make sure you open the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader if you wish to fill it out electronically. You may also print the form and fill out by hand. Once your form is completed and saved on your device or you scan or photograph it, you may use the UPLOAD link to submit your form. Please be sure to use the UPLOAD link to protect your personal information.

Packets may also be picked up at the Parish Office.

For more information, contact Christy Breier.