The mission of our archives is the preservation, organization, and management of historical records and sacred objects of individuals, ministries, and organizations engaged in work reflecting the goals of the Parish. Records and collections held in the archives are significant for administrative and historical reasons. The Archives Committee has the responsibility of gathering and preserving historical material relating to the Parish and organizing the information so that it is easily and readily retrievable. Through efficient administrations of this valuable information, the Archives Committee provides opportunities for education, research, and enjoyment to generate an appreciation of the past and to promote the future of the Parish.

Additional Information

Maintains the history of our Parish for future generations by preserving material such as photographs, negatives, videos, audio, brochures, fliers, reports, administrative, and ministry records that represent our congregational memory.

Time Requirement:

Varies based on level of involvement.

Contact Information:

Brandon Oswald
Phone: (760) 758-4100 x129