Marriage & Family Life Chair

Ministry works to achieve a more meaningful expression of Catholic belief by preserving and fostering the dignity and sacred value of the first and most basic community to which we all belong: the family. We offer faith-based activity workshops which the entire family can participate in (approximately three times per year), serve as a liaison to the Marriage & Family Life Ministry at the Diocese, celebrate family-based holidays (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, World Marriage Day), and provide resources for families, married couples, and widows. The chairperson will also contact members and place a call for assistance at particular times of the year where extra help is needed or when an event or need arises.

Additional Information

Serves on the Pastoral Council and provides updates, raises concerns, and shares upcoming activities of the ministries within Marriage and Family Life.

Time Requirement:

The chair attends quarterly Pastoral Council meetings (evenings).

Contact Information:

Caleb & Sheila McKinley
Phone: (760) 758-4100 x129