Spirited Seniors

Open to all Parishioners who are age 50 and over. We engage in a variety of activities throughout the year intended to promote fellowship, education and spiritual development of seniors. Our activities include theater outings, bus trips, educational activities and luncheons.

The Spirited Seniors Board leads the membership in a half- to day-long activity 7 or 8 times a year and meets monthly for 3 hours. The monthly meeting is preceded by 6 to 12 hours of prep time for board members who are responsible for planning upcoming activities, maintaining the membership roster, bookkeeping and preparing minutes and agenda. Join us either as a member or on our board!

Additional Information

Enhances the spiritual, educational and fellowship needs of its members.

Time Requirement:

Semi-monthly activities available to members.

Contact Information:

Tom Colgan
Phone: (760) 758-4100 x194