Law Offices of Paul V.L. Campo

We are the legal professionals of the law office of Paul V. L. Campo, located in Vista, California.

Attorney Paul Campo and his team provide trusted legal counsel to families throughout north San Diego County. From our office in Vista, our skilled team has the experience to guide you through estate planning, probate, and trust and estate administration.

Most people have heard of wills and trusts, but very few people actually understand how they work and how to make them benefit you. If that describes your situation, don’t worry; we will explain the rules and process without bogging you down in the legal details. It is our goal to inform you about your options and ensure you have the right tools in place to fit your specific circumstances.

In addition to sound estate planning, we also provide probate services to help families administer the final affairs of the estate after losing a loved one. While you focus on your family, you can rest comfortably knowing that the legal details are being taken care of correctly.