Senior Care Options

Over a period of 30 years, our founder, Cathy Ellis, managed operations of 11 different large senior living communities. She brings an extraordinary background and knowledge to guide Senior Care Options in selecting senior living or care alternatives that are right for you.

How We Research Viable Senior Care Options

There are hundreds of senior living and care options in each geographical area. We have a strict policy to thoroughly tour and interview each and every home or facility that we might refer to our clients. We also review state regulatory agency status and potential issues.

Many properties do not pass our scrutiny and are not considered viable alternatives.

We consider management strength, staffing levels, a caring philosophy and demeanor, training, physical and medical capabilities, pleasing and functional environment, licensing, any known issues; and our gut feel.

“Would we like to see our mother or father living at this home?”

Once inspected, we grade each property and summarize our findings for future reference.

How We Help Your Family

Each family and senior has a unique set of needs. We explore these needs in detailed meetings or extended phone conversations. We are finally ready to consider a number of solutions only after we have uncovered all medical, physical, lifestyle, family, location and financial realities.

When we make our referral recommendations, you will know that we have explored and considered all information that is required to propose desirable and, certainly appropriate, options.