Historic Timeline

July 23 Fr. Robert White is appointed Founding Pastor of STM, effective September 1, 1985
December 15 Inaugural Mass is celebrated at Carlsbad High School
January Sunday Mass is celebrated at Eternal Hills Mortuary in Oceanside
February Weekday Mass is celebrated in Parishioner’s homes.
June 1 First Parish baptism, Amy Elizabeth Van Hollebeke.
September 12 First Parish wedding, Lisa Wozniak and Kevin Weakley.
November 22 First Saturday evening Mass is celebrated at Pilgrim Congregational Church in Carlsbad.
March 8 First first Eucharist, Nikole Slagal.
April 4 Fr. Bob White celebrates the 17th anniversary of his ordination.
July 1 First Parish Funeral Mass is celebrated for James Hobbs.
October 31 First fundraiser–Halloween party to raise money for church home.
June 2 First Parish confirmation for Christine Bell, Theresa Carto, Jason Miller, Darrell Tucker, Jenny Sisco, Geoff Stadnyk, Gregory Stevens, and Kristen Tilson
September 22 First Youth Ministry meeting
December 5 First Women’s Guild meeting
January Saturday evening Mass celebrated at Calavera Hills Community Center.
April Saturday evening Mass moved to Lake Elementary School.
January Saturday evening Mass celebrated at Rancho Buena Vista High School.
June 1 Saturday evening Mass is moved to Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Church.
June 24 First Parish Golf Tournament.
August First Parish Men’s Group and Fellowship meeting.
December 19 Saturday evening Mass celebrated at Shadowhill Plaza, Shadowridge Drive.
Chrstmas All Masses celebrated at Shadowhill Plaza, Shadowridge Drive.
April First year that Holy Thursday Dinners are celebrated in Parishioner’s homes.
September 1 Sr. Kathleen McHugh joins STM.
July 29 Fr. Bob White celebrates his last Mass.
August 1 Fr. Peter McGuine is appointed second pastor (installation on August 19).
September 14-15 First official pastoral visit by Bishop Robert Brom.
September 24 Fr. Kenneth F. Kieffer joins the Parish.
September 12 Thomas A. Goeltz is called to candidacy to the Diaconate and installed by Bishop Brom.
December 20 The STM Players perform the play, “Christmas Comes to Detroit Louie.”
May 18 First Knights of Columbus meeting held at Nucci’s.
September 12 First Knights of Columbus sponsored pancake breakfast–Adult-$3, Child-$2.
December 12 Groundbreaking ceremony (with Bishop Brom) for the Parish Center on South Melrose Drive.
April 14 First Knights of Columbus sponsored Lenten Fish Fry.
June 2 Parishioner Thomas A. Goeltz is ordained to the permanent diaconate.
March 31 First Mass celebrated in the newly contructed Parish Center on South Melrose Drive.
August Sr. Maureen Brown joins STM.
June 30 Fr. Peter McGuine celebrates his last Mass at STM.
July 1 Fr. Michael Ratajczak is appointed the third pastor of STM (installation on September 6).
September 1 Dennis DiPaolo becomes the new Director of Music and implements the use of the organ.
October 10 Dennis DiPaolo, Director of Music and Liturgy, leaves the Parish.
January 30 Fr. Mike Ratajczak celebrates the 30th anniversary of his ordination.
March 8 Douglas Lynn becomes the new Directory Music and Coordinator of Liturgy.
October 6-8 Fr. Mike Ratajczak becomes invested as a Priest-Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem.
January 31 Fr. Kenneth Kieffer passes away from penumonia.
February 3-11 A team of Parishioner volunteers travel to New Orleans to help St. Peter Claver Parishioners rebuild their houses from effects caused by Hurricane Katrina.
March 18 Fr. Thomas Thompson becomes new weekend associate.
May 4 Sr. Kathleen McHugh retires to her order’s mother house.
February 17-24 A second Parishioner volunteer trip to New Orleans to help St. Peter Claver Parishioners.
January 27 Fr. Thomas Thompson’s last Mass at STM.
March 21-28 STM Parishioner volunteers third and final trip to New Orleans.
August 23 First Annual Pastor’s Dinner.
February Fr. Jerome Nadine joins the Parish and helps with liturgies.
April St. Francis of Assisi School becomes the Parish school of STM.
October 17 STM celebrates its 25th anniversary (Oktoberfest style) with Bishop Robert Brom.
June Twelfth Annual Golf Classic raises $60,000
November 12 Second STM cookbook published–“Heavenly Recipes.”
January 4 Bishop Cirilo Flores appointed CoAdjutor Bishop of San Diego
January 29 STM celebrates the groundbreaking ceremony for the permanent church and Parish offices.
May 25 Parishioner John Fredette, is ordained to the permanent diaconate.
October Web cameras installed to record and broadcast real time progress on buildout.
January 25 Town Hall meeting to addresss progress, future plans, and questions and answers on Parish buildout.
June 22 Our crucifix is delivered and installed (temporarily) in the upper level of the Parish Center.
September 9 Fr. Karl Bauer joins the Parish to assist as Senior Priest.
December 16 Fr Jerry Nadine retires.