Mass on the Plaza continues. Reservations required for weekends.
Mass in the Church begins the weekend of October 31-November 1.
Click HERE to make a reservation at least 16 hours in advance
or call the Parish Office at 760-758-4100 x100 by Thursdays at 3:30pm.
Mass on the Plaza Procedures / COVID-19 Guidelines

Mass Online continues on Sundays and Wednesdays.

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Mass inside the Church
Resumes October 31-November 1
(in accordance with State, County, and Diocesan guidelines)

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Message from Fr. Mike
October 1, 2020
Message from Fr. Mike
about Outdoor Masses
on the Plaza
Update from Fr. Mike
Fr. Mike’s 5-Month Retreat:
“My Journey: To A Deeper Understanding of Systemic Racism”
Begins Today.
If you have not already signed up,
EMAIL Fr. Mike to join.





























Seasons Capital Campaign
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Architectural Award






























Amazing Grace




































































































































































Vacation Bible School Online

First Communion





































Prayer Beads




































Mass on the Plaza


The Tree That Fell a Long Time Ago












































































Bishop McElroy’s Homily

Relating Intentionally

Suspension of Mass in Person


St. Kateri Tekakwitha

Cello Music


Special Update on COVID-19: New Directives from Our Governor Regarding the Closure of Worship Spaces

7/11/2020 Prayers

First Communion Mass
In Person or Online
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Weekend Mass in Person
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7/10/2020 Five-Month Journey/Retreat Update

7/9/2020 Will You Join Me on a Five-Month Journey/Retreat?














































7/8/2020 On Genuine Religion from Pope Benedict XVI

7/7/2020 Music















































Daily Mass in Person

Download Worship Aid for 7/7

Download Worship Aid for 7/9

7/6/2020 Envy

7/5/2020 Homily

7/4/2020 The Declaration of Independence

Worship Aid for Weekend Masses
July 4-5

7/3/2020 An Act of Contrition
7/2/2020 Helpful Older Brother Worship Aid for 7/2 Daily Mass


7/1/2020 Message from Archbishop Gomez and
Reflection from St. Serra



6/30/2020 Prayer for Marriages Going through a Divorce

Worship Aid for 6/30 Daily Mass

6/29/2020 The Paschal Candle

6/28/2020 Homily

6/27/2020 Music by Max Richter  


6/26/2020 CA Bishops’ Statement on St. Serra Statues

Daily Prayer for June 26


6/25/2020 Dancing with Love


6/24/2020 Reflection from Peter Maurin


6/23/2020 Reflection: Online Stations of the Cross: A Prayer to End Racism

Online Stations of the Cross: A Prayer to End Racism

6/22/2020 Reflection: Feast of St. Thomas More

Daily Prayer Video for 6/22/2020

6/21/2020 Reflection: Homily  
6/20/2020 Reflection  
6/19/2020 Reflection Daily Prayer Video for 6/19/2020
6/18/2020 Reflection  
6/17/2020 Reflection  
6/16/2020 Reflection  
6/15/2020 Reflection Daily Prayer Video for 6/15/2020
6/14/2020 Reflection: Homily  
6/13/2020 Reflection  
6/12/2020 Reflection  
6/11/2020 Reflection: Thank You to Women’s Guild Daily Prayer Video for 6/11/2020
6/10/2020 Reflection  
6/9/2020 Reflection Daily Prayer Video for 6/9/2020
6/8/2020 Reflection Welcome Back to Mass in Person from Fr. Mike
6/7/2020 Reflection  
6/6/2020 Reflection: from Yusef Miller Returning to Mass at Church Info & Guidelines
6/5/2020 Reflection: from Fr. Bryan Massingale  
6/4/2020 Reflection: from Fr. Joseph A. Brown Daily Prayer Video for 6/4/2020
6/3/2020 Reflection: Feeling Broken  
6/2/2020 Reflection: from Deacon John Daily Prayer Video for 6/2/2020
6/1/2020 Reflection: Meditating on Death During a Pandemic  
5/31/2020 Reflection: Homily  
5/30/2020 Reflection: California Bishops on Religious Services  
5/29/2020 Reflection: Pentecost Candle Gift The Catholic Marriage Summit, June 11-13, free online workshop
5/28/2020 Reflection: Poem from Cameron Bellm Daily Prayer Video for 5/28/2020
5/27/2020 Reflection: from Paul Schlunt Blessing of Pentecost Candles
5/26/2020 Reflection: Memorial Day Fr. Mike’s Homily from 5/24/2020: The Ascension of the Lord
5/25/2020 Reflection: Re-opening for Mass NBC News on Re-opening for Mass
5/24/2020 Reflection: Sunday Homily Memorial Day Live in San Diego–Remembrance Service on May 25
5/23/2020 Reflection: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin  
5/22/2020 Reflection: from Kathy Gerhard Fr. Mike’s Homily from 5/10/2020: Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled
5/21/2020 Reflection: from Sheila Murphy  
5/20/2020 Reflection: Caring for the Earth  
5/19/2020 Reflection: Professor Maureen Day on Laudato Si’ Hello from STM…We Miss You!
5/18/2020 Reflection: Towers of Faith  
5/17/2020 Reflection: Sunday Homily  
5/16/2020 Reflection: Dcn. Tom Retires  
5/15/2020 Reflection: from Dcn. John  
5/14/2020 Reflection: Music Parodies  
5/13/2020 Reflection: To Believe song  
5/12/2020 Reflection: from Stan Dale  
5/11/2020 Reflection: Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled…  
5/10/2020 Reflection: Happy Mother’s Day!  
5/9/2020 Reflection: We’re All Monks Now  
5/8/2020 Reflection: Bedtime Story  
5/7/2020 Reflection: Advice from Dcn. John  
5/6/2020 Reflection: Consecration of USA to Blessed Virgin Mary  
5/5/2020 Reflection: Letter from Coronavirus to Humanity  
5/4/2020 Reflection: Thoughts from Parishioner Charlotte Kacmar  
5/3/2020 Reflection: Fr. Mike’s Homily  
5/2/2020 Reflection: “The Tiger and the Goats” Parable  
5/1/2020 Reflection: Retiring Staff Members Live Stream from Bishop McElroy on 5/1 at Noon
4/30/2020 Reflection  
4/29/2020 Reflection  
4/28/2020 Reflection  
4/27/2020 Reflection  
4/26/2020 Reflection  
4/25/2020 Reflection  
4/24/2020 Reflection  
4/23/2020 Reflection  
4/22/2020 Reflection  
4/21/2020 Reflection Rosary for Vulnerable People on the Move
4/20/2020 Reflection BE LIGHT Virtual Date Night Series, April 26-30
  Reconciliation/Confession Schedule and Procedures at STM
4/19/2020 Reflection 4/19 Update from the California Catholic Conference


LOWC  Resource for 4/19/2020

Magnifikid for 4/19/2020

Children’s Bulletin–Younger 4/19/2020

Children’s Bulletin–Older 4/19/2020

4/18/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

Live Divine Mercy Sunday Event 4/19 1:00pm PST

4/17/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

4/16/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

4/15/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

4/14/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

4/13/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

Happy Easter from Fr. Mike

4/12/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

LOWC Resource for 4/12/2020

Magnifikid for 4/12/2020

Children’s Bulletin–Younger 4/12/2020

Children’s Bulletin–Older 4/12/2020

4/11/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

Magnifikid for Easter Vigil

4/10/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

Magnifikid for Good Friday

4/9/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

Magnifikid for Holy Thursday

4/8/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

4/7/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

4/6/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

4/5/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

Download LOWC Resource for 4/5/2020

Download Magnifikid for 4/5/2020

Children’s Bulletins–Younger 4/5/2020

Children’s Bulletins–Older 4/5/2020

4/4/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

4/3/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

4/2/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

4/1/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

3/31/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

3/30/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

3/29/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

Download LOWC Resource for 3/29/2020

View Magnifikid for 3/29/20204

Lenten Resources for Families

Children’s Bulletins–Younger for 3/29/2020

Children’s Bulletins–Older 3/29/2020

3/28/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

3/27/2020 Reflections from Fr. Mike

Pray with the Pope

3/26/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

Corona Virus Q&As from the New York Times

Inspirational Music from Lauren Daigle

3/25/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike  

3/24/2020 Extra News

3/24/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

3/23/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike

3/22/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike             

Tips for Viewing STM Online Mass 3/22

3/21/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike             

Loyola Press Free Corona Virus Response Lesson

3/20/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike             

Quarantined Catholic Hub

3/19/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike           

 A Prayer Amid an Epidemic

3/18/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike           

 Diocese of San Diego

3/17/2020 Reflection from Fr. Mike            

Daily Rosary at 1:00pm from Ascension Press

3/16/2020 Reflection: Pandemic                

Daily Mass with Bishop Robert Barron

3/15/2020 Parish Update                         

 Family Faith-Based Activity Sharing