1,440 Minutes in a Day. Can We Give God 15?

In and through the ministry of Jesus, we have come to know that our God, the Creator of all that is, desires to be in relationship with us. The Holy One wants to be our friend!

As we are all aware in our human relationships and friendships, we must take time on a regular basis to maintain and nurture a friendship, a relationship. They must be sustained with time, energy, choice of priorities, and commitment. They don’t just happen!

There must be a daily regimen, a daily commitment to be in contact with the One who desires to be our friend and lover.

I encourage you to take a minimum of just 15 minutes out of your 1,440 minutes of each day and commit that time to your friendship with God.

I offer the following model as a way to spend time with God. Let this be a beginning and hopefully, over time, more and more minutes will be given to the One who has given us everything!

Begin with Quiet. Go to a place where you can be alone and undisturbed. Do what works for you. Ask the Spirit to be with you in your praying.

Then, Remember. Remember what happened during the day. Remember the people, the events, the important things you or others said or did.

Then, Ponder. Ponder the events of your day. Were they connected to yesterday’s events, or are they new ones? Ponder the people of your day. Name them. What was the context in which these events happened? With whom? Ponder the insights that came to you during the day. What were they?

Then, Search Out Meaning. Is there a pattern to these significant events, people, emotions, and insights? Is the pattern connected to past patterns? Is God calling you to some word or deed—an apology… a phone call… a job change… is God calling you to further reflection? Ask God to help you clarify the patterns, make clear connections, and search out the meaning.

Finally, end your prayer time by saying, “I’m sorry.” Sorry for the wrong you may have done during the day.

Then say “Thanks.” Thanks for all God’s gifts during the day.

The purpose of prayer is to pay attention to God and grow in friendship with the Holy One who has chosen us and has called us friend!