Accompanying Others through Their Season of Grief

The faith community of St. Thomas More Parish has a great desire to help families prepare a funeral for their loved one that truly honors that person and witnesses to their faith and the faith we all hold in common.

But… Did you know it takes about 80 people to provide a Funeral or Memorial Mass and reception for our bereaved families? There is an opportunity for anyone who wants to be involved in this very important ministry! We have a Core Team who meets with the family walking with them through all the funeral planning and supporting them following the funeral.

We need liturgical ministers: greeters and ushers, Eucharistic ministers, altar servers, and folks who would like to sing in the Paschal Choir even if they do not have time to be part of one of our other Parish choirs. Can you serve? Our Parish is a community of hospitality, and so we provide the majority of what is needed for a reception following the funeral. Team phone callers contact volunteers to donate a dessert or salad, and others set up, serve, and clean up for each of the receptions.

This is such an important time for families to just relax and be together, to greet friends, and perhaps even to mend family grievances without the stress of having to host a reception themselves. Can you serve? Our families are so deeply grateful for the loving care they receive and for the many ways we minister to them at a time of death and grieving. As Christians, and as a Parish family, we are called to live the Corporal Works of Mercy—one of which is to bury our dead.

Bereavement Core Team members, family members, liturgical ministers, and Fr. Mike all play important roles as we celebrate the lives, deaths, and eternal lives of our beloved dead.

The Reception Team prepares, serves, and cleans up at every funeral. Hospitality Ministers, Greeters, Core Team, Cantor, Altar Servers, Deacons, Pastor, and Follow-up Bereavement Team all have important roles with the many details necessary to make these occasions flow smoothly.

It takes a community to do it well! And last but not least, another aspect of our ministry is to help our Parishioners pre-plan for their own funeral. If you choose pre-planning, it is a great gift to your family. They are so consoled to know your wishes will be carried out.

Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted. — Matthew 5:4