The Annual Catholic Appeal–Time to “Pay It Foward”

This week we will begin this year’s Diocesan Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA). “Love letters” from me will be in the mail in a few days.

Please take time to read and reflect on this information. I pray that it will move you to support this Appeal. This year’s goal is $3.5 million.

As we, the Parish of St. Thomas More, have been helped by the Diocese, it is now our time to help our Diocese and our sister parishes.

If you have not supported the ACA in the past, this is the year to begin to do so. If you have supported the ACA in the past, and you are in a position to increase your gift, this is the year to do so.

Here are some facts and figures that are important information for you to have as you reflect upon your gift to the ACA.

Know that all that you do is much appreciated by me!

Did You Know?

  1. The ten acres of land on which our Parish Campus is built was a GIFT from the Diocese of San Diego.
    It has been the policy of the Diocese that it provides the land on which new Parishes will build their Campuses.
  2. The Diocese of San Diego provided St. Thomas More Parish with a $2 million INTEREST FREE loan to help us in the building of our Parish Center.
    We had been paying down this loan sporadically between 1999 and 2006.
    Then in January 2006 we began paying down the debt at $11,000/month.
    Our last payment was in December 2011.
  3. The Diocese of San Diego helped us to secure a $6.6 million loan with the National Office of the Knights of Columbus which allowed us to move forward and build our Permanent Church. Due to our good financial standing, the Diocese easily agreed to be the “second” on this loan.
  4. The Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) is our yearly opportunity to engage in the Diocesan effort to participate in Jesus’ mission of teaching, sanctifying, and serving.
  5. The goal of this year’s ACA is $3.5 million. The money will be directed for these purposes:
  6. Catholic Schools and Tuition Assistance: $1,400,000
  7. Catholic Charities: $500,000
  8. Retired Priests: $200,000
  9. Seminarian Support: $500,000
  10. Young Adult Ministry: $200,000
  11. Prison Ministry: $150,000
  12. Formation in the Faith: $550,000
  13. Our Fair Share Assessment this year is $50,000. This provides us with the opportunity “to pay it forward” and to assist not only the ongoing mission of Jesus on a Diocesan level, but to directly help other sister Parishes in our Diocese who are in need.
    Just as we have been helped, it is now our turn to help other Parishes.
  14. Last year, only 385 STM households out of 1,172 chose to participate in the ACA. Last year our assessment was $50,000.
    We raised $67,513 from 33% of the Parish. The average gift was $175.
    Let us double the number of households participating in the ACA this year. I know that we can do this!
  15. 100% of the money raised over our $50,000 assessment will be returned to our Parish and it will be directed to the Operations Budget to ensure that we continue to balance our bottom line. Last year, a little over $17,000 was returned to the Parish and was directed to our Operations Budget.
  16. Beginning this weekend, and continuing for several weekends, you will find Bulletin inserts describing how the ACA money is directed and used. Please take time to read these inserts each week.

Please respond favorably to my “love letter.” Please prayerfully reflect upon this information and act accordingly. Thank you!