Attention STM Women! Join the Women’s Guild!

Women’s Guild News

What a feeling of warmth, comfort, and gratitude to be able to be back in our sanctuary and to once again receive the Body of Christ! Sing praises to the Lord! Although we returned as masked crusaders, with many sporting noticeable different shades of hair color, what a joy it was to experience those bright and smiling eyes knowing each was conveying feelings of happiness and new-found hope in reunion of a community of worshipping friends. And, how sensitive and caring that Fr. Mike and staff continue to provide online Masses for those not quite ready to venture out among larger gatherings. We have the best of options and Parishes. Thank you, STM!

By now, you may have received in the mail your Women’s Guild invitation to membership. We are currently planning for our big installation meeting on September 14 and look forward also to recognizing each of you ladies, returning and new, as we install our new 2020-2021 slate of officers. At that event, we will also hold our quilt raffle that was also missed in June due to our stay-at-home orders. First Vice President Trish Feeley is our membership chairperson and can answer any questions you may have regarding membership. Email. Membership dues remain at $10. It is my genuine hope that you will join us as we focus our year on safe socialization, growth in spirituality, and ways to fundraise to do our part in supporting our Parish goals.

Thank you to each of you for your constant care, support, and outreach to others. This certainly has not been the easiest of four months. Yet, as promised, we are getting through this together with shared prayers and words of encouragement, virtual hugs, hope, and continued trust in our Lord.

As we celebrate Independence Day, let us do so in a patriotic spirit remembering the words, “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” May your week be filled with blessings and the strength of faith and belief in better tomorrows.

—Henri Black, President

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