Bible Study Opportunity!

Bible Study Opportunity!

Bible Study will begin in October. This year we will have an amazing opportunity to be part of a unique Bible Study conducted by our very own pastor, Fr. Brent!

We will have two in-person options, starting:

† Tuesday, October 5—EVENING Bible Study
    Fellowship at 6:30pm, Study begins at 7:00pm

† Wednesday, October 6—MORNING Bible Study
    Fellowship at 9:30am, Study begins at 10:00am


† How Catholics Read the Bible: Historical, Social,

† Religious, & Cultural Context of the Time of Jesus

† What the Church Asks of You as You Read the Bible


Fr. Brent holds a PhD in Biblical Studies from the Catholic University in Washington DC. His specialty is the New Testament but has competency in both Old and New Testaments.

Please join us on the Plaza for 30 minutes of snacks and fellowship, then 50 minutes of teaching,
followed by 10 minutes of questions. This is an on-going class.

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