Birth–The Visited Planet


The God of power, as he did ride

In his majestick robes of glorie

Resolved to light; and so one day

He did descend, undressing all the way.

—George Herbert


December 24, 2017: This year it is a quaint day in our Church Calendar!

In the morning, we celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Advent, and in the evening, we celebrate Christmas Eve.

We end the Advent Season this morning, and this evening, we begin the Christmas Season.

In Advent, we celebrate the Promise. In Christmas, we celebrate the Promise Fulfilled.

Our God, the Creator, in Jesus, has become one with Creation. Heaven and Earth have united in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.

As we grow in our knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of this Mystery, we discover great joy, peace, and security.

May these days be filled with celebrations of life, love, family, and faith.

Live confidently. Sleep securely. Love without fear. Share life generously. Die without regrets. Our God, Emmanuel, is with us today and always!