Faith is… (Part 1)

About eight months ago, I asked Parishioners to share with me what faith meant to them. I received many responses. For the next few weeks, I will share with you what they shared with me.

— Fr. Mike

“My faith is my flickering candle in the darkness. As I have travelled the world, my faith was always with me and in any country in the world I could find a Catholic Church that could be my home and safe place—where even if all else was difference, the faith, the community of faith, the essence of and personality of the Church was as familiar for me as the questions and answers in my Baltimore Catechism. Faith is my center and the core of my value set. That is one of the things that created dissonance for me when I felt like some of the issues that were being discussed were not getting the value based answers I believed were core in my faith. But the light of that candle is very strong and like a moth, I was always drawn to that light. My faith is challenging, it underpins my decisions, my vision of life, my soul and my being; it makes me think and it helps me be.” —Nina Woodard

“Knowing that unknowing is faith” —DJ Campe

“Faith is having the ‘guts’ to start fresh every day believing that I will do better to express appropriate gratitude for the day the Lord has given; understanding that I cannot do anything about yesterday, but I do have this part of today, by the Grace of God.” —Jon Gray