Faith is… (Part 3)

About eight months ago, I asked Parishioners to share with me what faith meant to them. I received many responses. For the next few weeks, I will share with you what they shared with me.

— Fr. Mike

“Faith gives me hope. I know that no matter how dark a day may seem, the light will once again shine through…I know that my earthly time is only a small part of my journey, and that God is waiting to call me back home…Faith allows me to see the good in others and also to give others the benefit of the doubt. I know we are all on a journey…Faith allows me to accept people of all ages, sexes, religions, race, etc., as I know they are all children of God…having faith creates a positive outlook on life…Faith gives me a feeling of belonging…Faith gives me peace…Faith tells me that God cannot love me more and cannot love me less, and that God will forgive my transgressions…Because I have faith, I know that God always has my back…Faith causes me to feel extremely blessed and grateful that God sent his Son to suffer and die for my sins while bringing Christianity to the world…Every time I look at that beautiful crucifix in our sanctuary, I am immensely touched…I cannot imagine a life without faith.” —Valerie Thompson

“Faith: Realizing that God is the one that got me out of difficulties or trouble that I managed to get myself into and is responsible for all the beauty and blessings that I have been gifted with.” —Deacon Tom Goeltz

“As we journey through life’s ‘valley of tears,’ our trials will burden our Faith. Our Christian Faith may be like a trickle of water in a stream during a drought or as abundant in the deepest lake. Without water, we will not survive; the same with Faith. If we love all Faith in our God, our spiritual life will perish and eternity in heaven will escape us.” —Nicholas Haproff

“Faith is going to bed worried that you are not forgiven or loved; but waking up knowing that you are forgiven and loved.” —Michael Haubert

“Faith allows me to overcome my failures and the failures of others that directly affects me…Faith frees me, and I am now walking with God, not afraid of tomorrow, instead looking forward to what tomorrow brings.” —Savanna Rodriguez