Faith is… (Part 4)

About eight months ago, I asked Parishioners to share with me what faith meant to them. I received many responses. For the next few weeks, I will share with you what they shared with me.

— Fr. Mike

“As we journey through life’s ‘valley of tears,’ our trials will burden our faith. Our Christian faith may be like a trickle of water in a stream during a drought or as abundant in the deepest lake. Without water, we will not survive; the same with ‘faith.’ If we lose all faith in our God, our spiritual life will perish and eternity in heaven will escape us.” —Nicholas Haproff

“Faith is believing the most important thing is love. If you have heart, you have faith. Love is given to us to give to one another.” —Diane Pal

“To me faith means joy and happiness. There is a strong attraction to the Church that I never could have imagined. It is helping shape my life for the better. I also love the truth that it provides for the challenging issues that we face in this world.” —Erik Acheff

“Faith is ‘the wind beneath my wings’. It guides my steps in daily life and gives me an anchor when the storms hit. ‘Faith is the bird who feels the dawn and begins to sing while the night is still dark.’ It implies action, and I think that is what my faith also does for me.” —Nancy Lansdowne

“The mustard seed of faith is ‘waiting.’ Waiting is an important function. It gives you time to communicate with Jesus. It places you in a peaceful spirit. It helps you to adjust to God’s timing and harmonies. It tests your faith. Too often we require instant reward. Waiting helps us to see other’s needs and wants. Waiting can open our hearts to what God sees in the future. The future no matter how impossible becomes probable and possible. The more God can tune us to his desires the greater our faith and love for God becomes. The better we can see introspectively into others to see the God we love in others and for God to share his love with us. The ‘me’ must diminish so he can grow in our hearts. Waiting is very important, and it all comes from a mustard seed of Faith. Remember, God’s timing is always perfect!” —Jerry Peralta