Lent 2018–We Begin the Journey

For many of us, what we believe is often best expressed in prayer. For the season of Lent, beginning with Ash Wednesday, we embraced the spirituality of stewardship through prayers. Prayers include Mass,
Rosary, Adoration, Stations of the Cross, daily reflections and conversations with God.

All of these prayers are said to acknowledge all God has given to us and to remind us what he expects in return.

Keep saying prayers during the coming weeks and say them
often. Lent is a time in the Church’s liturgical year when we are move conscious of how we are spending “our” time. It is
important to realize whose time it is, and as good stewards we
recognize that it is God’s time. Every day on earth is a gift from God. We should reflect this in all we do.

Stewardship of time can give each day greater glory if we use that time for praying, learning, and serving, which is a major part of our mission statement:


“To worship God, teach and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
and serve God’s people in word and deed.”


† In living out our mission statement, we ask the Lord to make this Lent a special time for us to pray, to reflect, and to give without counting the cost.

† Lord Jesus, you came to tell us that the meaning of life
consists of giving.

† You told us that those who cling too tightly to what they have, without thought for you, or others, end up losing

† You gave us new values by which to measure the worth of a
person’s life.

† Help us to realize it is not temporal success or riches or fame that give life meaning.

† Rather, it is the service rendered to you and others that brings fulfillment and makes our lives worthwhile.