The Nativity of the Lord ~ Christmas Day

In today’s Christmas Mass we hear from the Gospel reading that God has entered quietly into the world. Not into the great city of Jerusalem, but into a small village about five miles south. Not into a noble family, but to an outcast couple keeping the newborn in a manger. Not announced by royal edicts, but to common shepherds, the first human heralds of Christ’s birth.

Every year we celebrate the birth of Christ, our savior’s birth. All over the world children and adults marvel at this most holy time!

As Christians, this is also a good time to remember those who struggle, for a number of reasons. When I was in Arizona for Thanksgiving, my sister invited me to go to Mass at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Parish, where she attends. The following piece was in their bulletin:

Did You Know . . . that after Conception, at…

† 18 days a baby’s heart begins to beat

† 43 days brain coordinates movement

† 7 weeks a baby can hiccup

† 8 weeks organs can function

† 9 weeks has permanent, individual fingerprints

† 10 weeks can feel pain

† 12 weeks a baby can smile, suck their thumb, and make a fist

Over 2 million couples wait to adopt, including children of all races and those with special needs. Life begins at conception.


Part of our Culture of Life Ministry at STM includes Birth Choice of San Marcos, which helps women who choose to give birth, even though many are facing daunting circumstances. On the Feast of the Epiphany, January 7, our Christmas Angel Ministry collects necessary items for these newborn infants to help the women at Birth Choice. Whether they choose to raise their babies or to bless loving families who seek to adopt, Birth Choice helps them during and after their pregnancy.


Would you like to help mothers who choose life? Donate gifts for infants (diapers, wipes, blankets, clothing, baby bottles, formula, Scrip gift cards for Toys R Us or Babies R Us) to help the women at Birth Choice in San Marcos. Bring these items to STM at our Epiphany Masses, or to the Parish Office January 3-5 during business hours, 8:30am-4:00pm.