Pasta Dinner with the Ratajczak Team

Many thanks to Mary Ratajczak and Family for the delicious pasta dinner and trimmings! This was an afternoon of fun fellowship, amazing dinner, desserts, and great music which gave us the feeling that we were all in Italy!

Additional thanks to Henny and Mike Jocelyn for stepping up to the plate, once again, and doing a terrific job of tending bar and making each and every person feel welcome!

Much gratitude goes to our Casino Night team for making all the back office paperwork, money handling, decorating, and many more details come together to benefit the Parish with this event!

The Ratajczak team donated ALL the food, helping us raise a net of over $5,000!

Watch for Casino Night in Rio ~ Carnival! coming soon! Reserve Friday, May 10, for this exciting event! —Grazie Mille, Chris

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