Pray for our Deployed Military Members

As a faith community let us pray for all who serve our country in these troubled times. We pray especially for those connected to our Parish who have been deployed:

Gunnery Sgt. Fernando Andrade, Jr. Lt. Devon Czarzasty Major Branden M. Felker, USAF ET1 Patrick G. Felker, USN Grant Fischer 1st Lt. Eric Galamay MSGT Steve Gallegos, USMC Sgt. Alex Garcia Adolfo Granados, MD, US Navy PFC Samuel Haro, US Army Cpl Caleb Lemons, USMC PFC Cody Madere Jordan Millikan 1st Lt. Jennifer Mozzetta Jeremiah Gabriel Nelson, USAF Thomas Kevin Nelson, US Navy Fireman Griffin Joseph Ochoa, US Navy Pvt. 2 Jess Phillips, US Army Nicole Rieger CTR2, US Navy Col. Conrad Salinas, MD Sr. Airman Robert Spear, USAF Sgt. Charles Watts, USMC MGY SGT Paul Weisinger