San Diego Architectural Foundation Awards 2016 Grand Orchid for Architecture to STM!

On Thursday, October 13, the San Diego Architectural Foundation awarded St. Thomas More Catholic Church the 2016 Grand Orchid award.for Architecture at its annual Orchids and Onions award ceremony. Fr. Mike accepted the award on behalf of the Parish and gave the following remarks. On stage with me is Bishop Robert McElroy, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of San Diego, Alex Garcia and Rob Rombold representing Renzo Zecchetto Architects, John Sandoval representing T.B. Penick & Sons Contractors, Brian Leahey, the St. Thomas More Parish Construction Site Manager, Greg Ratajczak and Bob Ratajczak of Rozak Construction representing all of our Subs, and Phil and Pat Goscienski, the chafr-couple of the St. Thomas More Interior Design Team.

It takes many people working together to make good things happen, to create spaces and places that have the ability to raise the lnunan spirit to new and better heights, to bring strength, patience, and perseverance for the journey of life. There are three main elements in our Church: wood, creating a warmth for when we are spiritually cold; glass, bringing in the light of the day, a transparency to take away the temptation for people and institutions of being dishonest and hiding the truth when caught in weakness and sin; and thirdly, unfinished concrete, a reminder that all of us human beings are works in progress, and our I if e’s journey is about growing in holiness, and presenting, one day, to our God, a being who struggled to be the best that she or he could become. Before the main doors of the Church, two large bronze doors, there is a large mat that reads: “Our Church is a House of Prayer for all People. ”

Our Church is a House of Prayer for all People

St. Thomas More Catholic Church is our Parish Home but its doors are open wide for everyone,because all of our Staff and all of our Pari Parishioners believe that a Guest in the House is God in the House.

The church was a labor of love and the result is spectacular,” the ninemember SDAF jury said. —San Diego Union-Tribune, Oct 13, 2016

Watch the SDAF two minute video of St. Thomas More Catholic Church at