Seasons Capital Campaign Update as of February 6, 2018

Good news! We have received over $1,144,000 toward our $3.3M, three-year Seasons Capital Campaign! This brings us to 35% of goal at the beginning of February! These pledges are from 201 of our 1,246 registered households (15% of our Parish), which means we still need responses from 1,045 households for this endeavor that replaces our Mortgage/Building Completion Fund!

We cannot assume that you’ll continue your previous giving pattern in the Seasons Campaign, so here are four simple options for responding:

  1. Continue your current giving rate to this building effort
  2. Decrease your current giving rate
  3. Increase your current giving rate
  4. Let us know you are not able to contribute at this time


Most importantly, let us know your decision by:

  1. Turning in the form we mailed you, or get a new one at the Parish Information Table or in the Parish Office
  2. Download and complete a form from our STM website
  3. Contact Chris Smith at: or
    760-758-4100 x120


Know that no gift is too small and no gift is too large! If everyone helps in some way, we can make our goal! We need all our Parishioners to respond, even if you cannot contribute at this time, so we know where we stand. This enables our Finance Council to budget accordingly.


Blessings and gratitude ~ Chris Smith