Seasons Capital Campaign Update


Our Seasons Capital Campaign to complete our Church Build-out packets were recently mailed to all registered Parishioners.

This 3-year campaign REPLACES our Mortgage/Building Completion Fund and officially begins January 1, 2018.


Due to the busy season of Advent, the local fire disasters, and preparation for Christmas, we have extended the due date for pledge returns. Please prayerfully review the material and return your pledge forms by Friday, January 19, 2018.

Your ongoing support is very much appreciated!

You may use the Mortgage/Building Completion Fund envelopes until you receive Seasons envelopes. All building fund contributions made after January 1, 2018, will be applied to the Seasons Capital Campaign.

You may click HERE to download the Seasons Capital Campaign materials if you did not receive them in the mail.

For questions or more information, please contact Chris Smith at or 760-758-4100 x120.