Special National Collections

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) sponsors several national collections each year that are managed through each diocese. Two of these are currently in progress…


Peter’s Pence Collection

Peter’s Pence is a worldwide collection that supports the charitable works of Pope Francis. Funds from this collection help victims of war, oppression, and natural disasters. Take this opportunity to join with Pope Francis and be a witness of charity to our suffering brothers and sisters. Envelopes were attached to the bulletin recently and may be returned through July 15—please be generous. Visit www.usccb.orons g/peters-pence.


Collection for the Archdiocese for the
Military Services (AMS)

The AMS provides the full range of pastoral ministry services to those serving in the United States Armed Services, enrolled in U.S. Military Academies, undergoing treatment at Veterans Affrairs Medical Centers, working in civilian jobs for the federal government beyond U.S. borders, and for their families. Your donation will help support these ministry services and the chaplains who provide them. Envelopes are attached to the bulletin recently and may be returned any time through July. Thank you! Visit www.milarch.org.