St. Thomas More: A Parish For All Seasons Capital Campaign Update

We began our “Seasons” Campaign on January 1, 2018. This is a three-year effort to raise $3,300,000 to complete the build-out of our Parish.

The money raised will be directed in these ways:

  1. 36 monthly mortgage payments to the National Office of the Knights of Columbus ($44,806.21/month). We are in the third year of a 20-year mortgage.
  2. 36 monthly loan payments to the Diocese of San Diego ($12,162.24/month). We are in the first year of a five-year loan.

    This loan was necessary to make the final payment to the Church contractors and to help with other final payments for the completion of the Church.

  3. Completion of the Parish Office Building ($1,000,000).
  4. Memorial Garden ($300,000).

In the four months of our Campaign, as of April 30, $1,358,000 has been pledged. 285 households of our Parish have so far participated in the Campaign by making a pledge.

We have received pledges for 41% of our goal from 23% of our Parish households.

In the four months of the Campaign, we have received $301,127.06.

There is good news, and there is not-so-good news. We must do better!

As of April 30, after the four monthly mortgage and loan payments, we have $73,253.26 set aside in preparation for future construction. That averages out to $18,313.32 per month. If we continue at this pace, at the end of our three-year Campaign, we will have about $660,000 for construction. Yes, that is a good chunk of money but about $640,000 short of our needs.

Obviously much more is needed if we are to accomplish our goals!

The Seasons Campaign Committee will soon be reaching out to those who have not yet responded in the hopes of a positive response.

The number of households supporting the Campaign needs to increase so that we can not only make our monthly mortgage and loan payments but also begin to raise enough money for the completion of our Parish Office Building and Memorial Garden.

I extend a very special “Thank You” to all the Parishioners who already financially support the Parish through the Operations Budget and the Seasons Campaign.

It is my sincere hope that more Parishioners will step forward to not only support the Operations Budget but will also choose to support the Seasons Campaign as well.

Let us continue to pray for the success of the Seasons Campaign…let us all do what we can to help in the build-out of our Parish Campus.

For all that has been, “Thank You!” For all that will be, “Yes!”

“In God, we live and move and have our being.” (Acts 17:28)