Update on the Almustafas, Our Syrian Refugee Family

During this thanksgiving time, we thank God that the Almustafas are doing well in their new country! They are deeply grateful to us for our ongoing support emotionally, spiritually and financially. They were very touched that we included their son, Mohammad, in our All Souls Day Mass. We sent his candle and a copy of the worship aid to them with an explanation of what All Souls Day means to us.

They are especially grateful that, due to the generosity of our Parishioners, the cost of the airline tickets for them to travel to America were paid in full this past month. We continue to provide them with gift cards each month. Our goal was to help them become financially independent in one year. With their hard work and our help, that goal will be met!

The family is very busy! The younger children, Limar and Mays, are in grammar school and doing well. The older girls, Ahlam and Esraa, are working for Urban Core and taking college classes.

Mom, Douha, is also taking classes. Dad, Husam, continues to study English with the tutor we are providing, taking odd jobs, and chauffeuring his family! Our goal continues to be to help him find an accounting position as soon as he is able to do so. For more information, contact Lisa and Patrick Attardo at lisaattardo@yahoo.com